Our 9 portion tray bakes with everyones favourite toppings are perfect for a weekend movie night treat. Choose from the flavours below or opt for a lucky dip which is one tray and we'll choose a mix of flavours for you. (All tray bakes are based on a 9x9 " sponge)


The Jammie Victoria Dodger Vanilla sponge, vanilla buttercream, jam filling and a dodger topping

The Chocolate Explosion Chocolate Sponge, Chocolate buttercream, White chocolate filling and all our favourite choccies on top

Gooey Caramel and Biscoff Caramel Sponge, Caramel filling, Biscoff Buttercream and topped with biscoff dizzle and crunchy biscoff biscuits

The Minty One Chocolate Sponge, Mint Chocolate Filling, Mint Chocolate Buttercream topped off with Mint Aero and choc chips

Zingy Lemon Lemon Sponge, Lemon Curd Filling, Lemon buttercream topped off with a white chocolate drizzle and a sprinkling of lemon zest 

Cookies & Cream Vanilla and Oreo Sponge, Chocolate filling, Oreo buttercream topped with crunchy Oreo biscuits

The Kinder Nutty One White Chocolate Sponge, Nutella filling, Nutella Buttercream Topped with Chunks or Kinder Bueno

Terry's Chocolate Orange Chocolate orange sponge, orange curd filling, Chocolate Orange Buttercream topped off with chunks of Terry's Chocolate Orange

The Lucky Dip 1 Tray with our choice of a mix of any of the above flavours. 




  • Delivery info

    The Weekend Treat Menu is only available for delivery Thursday to Saturday.  For free delivery to Mersea, Peldon, The Wigboroughs, Abberton & Langenhoe addresses please enter the code LOCAL through checkout. There is a flat rate of £4.95 delivery for all other areas within 15 miles of Mersea Island. 

    Orders for Thursday must be placed by 6pm Tuesday, orders for Friday must be placed by 6pm Wednesday and orders for Saturday must be placed by 6pm Thursday.

    We aim to make all deliveries between 2pm and 4pm on your chosen day. 

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