The Ultimate Grazing Cheeseboard

The Ultimate Grazing Cheeseboard

A personal favourite of ours is the cheeseboard come grazing board, I've made these at home in various forms for years and before a grazzing board was even a thing. So we thought it was time that we shared the love a little and started offering them as part of our growing savoury range. This is the ultimate platter for sharing with friends and family and it pairs fabulously with a good wine or as we prefer it, with a quirky beer. The cheese boards start from £15 per person with a minium of 2 people for a single order. 

  • What's on the board?

    The board in the picture is for 4 people and contains all of our own favourites. Those favurites are the starting point and you can swap bits in and out according to your own taste. If you dont like blue cheese but you love Brie then just swap the blue cheese out for more brie. If you dont like Olives but you love cherry tomatoes....swap them. You can swap cheese for cheese, meat for meat, fruit for fruit and veg for veg. 

    As a rough guide this is the contents of the pictured board:

    100g Brie, 75g Garlic & herb (Boursin), 65g fruit Wensleydale, 75g Saint Agur, 100g Extra Mature Cheddar, 60g mozzarella, 80g smoked cheese, 150g mixed cured meats, 250g mixed grapes, 100g olives, 100g stuffed piquant peppers, 50g sundried tomatoes, 50g pickled cocktail onions and enough biscuits for at least 6 each


  • Delivery info

    For free delivery to Mersea, Peldon, The Wigboroughs, Abberton & Langenhoe addresses please enter the code LOCAL through checkout. There is a flat rate of £4.95 delivery for all other areas within 15 miles of Mersea Island.